Geochemistry Division forms an integral part of CSIR-NGRI and is involved in various research programs related to the earth's crust and its interior. The R & D activities are focused to better understand the geodynamic evolution of the earth's crust, potentiality and the genesis of ore deposits across the country. Our approach towards addressing these complex scientific problems involves multi-disciplinary studies that include field geology, petrography, whole rock geochemistry, mineral geochronology (U-Pb zircon, phosphates, and Pb-Pb baddellyite) and radiogenic isotopes. The group contributed immensely in past four decades towards understanding the evolution of Archean continental crust from different cratonic blocks of India, the origin of Early life, gold and iron mineralization, depositional environments. The Geochemistry Division has state-of-the art analytical facilities and has long standing effective collaborations with reputed international research groups. Platinum Group of Elements (PGE) exploration and characterization studies are being conducted in mafic-ultramafic complexes of various parts of the country. In collaboration with industry, the group had conducted successful mineral exploration programs (Pb-Zn in Rajasthan, in collaboration with HZL) and for gold (in Karnataka, with Hutti Gold Mines Company Limited and Mineral Sales Pvt. Limited), gold in Madagascar (National Mineral Development Corporation Limited). We serve the geoscience community of the country by providing analytical data. We offer periodic training on analytical instruments for young researchers across the country and contributing towards the skill development initiative. Over the years, substantial research articles are published by this group in reputed international and national journals.

Name Designation
Dr. Ram Mohan M Chief Scientist
Dr. Srinivasa Sarma D Chief Scientist 
Dr. Satyanarayanan M Senior Principal Scientist 
Dr. Keshav Krishna A Principal Scientist 
Dr. Yellappa Thoti Principal Scientist
Dr. Tarun C. Khanna Principal Scientist 
Dr. Ravi Shankar Scientist 
Dr. Arun Kumar Ojha Scientist 
Dr. Sindhuja C S Scientist 
Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh Scientist 
Dr. Dasaram B Senior Technical Officer(3)
Dr. Sariput S. Sawant Senior Technical Officer(1)
Dr. Parasha Ramulu V Senior Technical Officer(1)
Mr. Linga D Technical Officer
Ms. K. M. Priyanka Maurya Technician (1)
Mr. Abdul Samad Lab Assistant


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