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Ram Mohan M

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Crustal evolution and Metallogeny

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Dr. M. Ram Mohan has obtained Master’s and Doctoral degrees from the Osmania University, Hyderabad. His professional research career started working in a research group in NGRI to understand the gold potential and depositional environment in banded iron formations (BIFs) in various Archean greenstone belts of the Dharwar Craton.

Dr. Mohan’s research interests mainly revolve around understanding the Archean crustal growth processes through the application of field and laboratory methods. He extensively uses mineral chemistry, whole rock geochemistry, apart from radiogenic isotopes, U-Pb zircon geochronology to study the Archean tectonics. As a member of various research projects executed in NGRI, Dr. Mohan has worked in different cratonic blocks of India.

Currently he is occupied as the Chief Scientist in Geochemistry Division. He has been the reviewer for various reputed journals like Precambrian Research, Lithos, Gondwana Research, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, Lithosphere, Geological Magazine, JESS etc..

He is conferred with the Krishnan Gold Medal for the year 2012 by Indian Geophysical Union, and elected Fellow of the Telangana Academy of Sciences.  He is the recipient of BOYSCAST Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2007-08) and the CSIR-Raman Research Fellowship (2015).  

  • Petrology, geochemistry of the mafic - ultramafic and alkaline rocks of Dharwar Craton, Bundelkhand Craton; Central India and Deccan flood basalt province and mineralisation through space and time (MLP-6406-28 (DSS)
  • Geodynamics and Metallogeny of parts of the East Indian Shield with specific reference to Diamond, Iron Ore and Chromitite-PGE occurrences (GeoMet) (MLP-0002-28-FBR-2)

  • Major elemental analysis of fly ash samples by WD-XRF (SSP-842-28 (MRM))


  • Development of new analytical protocols, and the analysis of NGCM samples (SSP-858-28 (MRM))


  • Fellow, Telangana Academy of Sciences
  • CSIR-Raman Research Fellowship, 2015
  • IGU-Krishnan Gold Medal, 2012
  • BOYSCAST Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 2007

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Ram Mohan, M and Prasad, PSR (2002) FTIR Investigations on Fluid Interactions in Mesothermal Quartz-Gold Veins of Penakacherla Schist Belt, India, Current Science, v. 83, pp.755-760.



Post-Doctoral Students:

  1. Dr. Ajay Dev Asokan

 PhD Students:

  1. Mr. R Elangovan (OU) -- Submitted
  2. Ms. Arathi G Panicker (AcSIR)  -- To be submitted in May 20

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