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Sindhuja C S


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Precambrian biogeochemistry, gold metallogeny, sedimentology

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Dr. C. S. Sindhuja pursued her Ph.D at Osmania University and CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute. Her research interest is majorly focused on Precambrian biogeochemistry and gold mineralization. Her doctoral research has significantly contributed in understanding biogenically mediated metallogeny and also delineated the contrasting depostional features of Archean and Proterozoic carbonaceous phyllites. She has published several research articles in high impact factor peer reviewed international journals. She joined CSIR-NGRI in 2022 as Scientist in Geochemistry group. She aims to explicitly elucidate the evidences for gradual evolution of the Earth’s biosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere during the Archean-Proterozoic eras and  enhance her the knowledge in understanding the evolving biogeochemical changes and mellatogenic processes during the Precambrian time.


  1. 2023-"CSIR-Women Achiever" in STEM
  2. 2020-"Young Scientist Award-2020" by Telangana Academy of Sciences.

  3. 2019-"Top downloaded paper in 2018-2019" certificate from Geological Journal, John Wiley.

  4. 2018-Fellowship holder of DST-INSPIRE-AORC.

  5. 2017-Y. Purandhar Honorary Gold medal in M.Sc Geology, Osmania University.

  6. 2012-Scholarship holder of the DST-INSPIRE-SHE. 

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  2. Sindhuja, C.S., Harshitha, G., Manikyamba, C., Subramanyam, K.S.V., (2023). Geochemistry and depositional environment of fuchite quartzites from Sargur Group, western Dharwar Craton India. Acta Geochemicia, 1-16. (IMPACT FACTOR- 1.6)
  3.  Sindhuja, C.S., Manikyamba, C., Subhojit, S., Siva Narayanan, Sridhar, B., (2022). Geochemical and carbon isotopic studies of carbonaceous phyllites from Dharwar craton, India -Reconstruction of Precambrian depositional environment. Precambrian Research (IMPACT FACTOR-4.725; In Press).
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  11. Manikyamba, C., Sindhuja, C.S., Khelen, A.C., Pahari, A., (2022). Archean biogeochemical cognizance in Dharwar craton, India- A review. Journal of Geological Society of India (In Press; IMPACT FACTOR-1.459)

Life Member of Indian Science Congress Association

Life Member of Indian Association of Applied Geochemists

Member of Geological Society of India