Full Name
Thandan Babu Naik R

Principal Scientist

R&D Group
Shallow Seismics


Signal and Image Processing for Geophysical Data

  Academic Identity

Dr. Thandan Babu Naik Ramavathula did Master of Engineering and Ph.D in signal and image processing. He is an alma mater of APRJC, Andhra, Osmania and JNTU universities in India, and Northeastern university in USA. He is currently Principal Scientist and his work is associated with data processing aspects of delineating coal, shale and CBM etc. His major areas of research include Digital Signal and Image Processing for Geophysical Data. His significant contributions consist of developing techniques such as seismic image enhancement, techniques for reducing computation and processing time, and pattern identification. He was active member in evaluation of spectral characteristics of accelerometers used in Chandrayaan – II and GEOSAT – IV space applications. He is recipient of awards, such as, Telangana State Award for work rendered as empowered Persons with disability under best employee category (2017),  National IETE J C Bose Best Paper Award (2009), NCPEDP Gold Medal and Best Scholar (During Engg.) and Prathibha Award from State Govt. of united Andhra Pradesh.