Full Name
N Durga Prasad Korimilli


R&D Group
Gravity and Magnetic Group: MLP-7001-28 (ARB)


Exploration Geophysics; Geodynamics

  Academic Identity

  1. Geophysical signatures of crustal contamination and schist signatures in Cuddapah basin, Southern Indian Shield.
  2. The plume-lithosphere interactions beneath west central India using integrated analysis gravity and geoid anomalies.
  3. Seismicity variations and related gravity anomalies in the arc-Himalayan belt.
  4. Crustal structure of the Cambay rift Basin, India.
  5. Spatial variations in the tectonics of the plume affected zones of central India.

  1. Listed as verified peer reviewer in "IRANIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCE" for Geophysics.
  2. Listed in top 3 of Indian researchers in "TOP 2% MOST INFLUENTIAL SCIENTISTS (SINGLE YEAR) IN 2023 STANFORD UNIVERSITY" LIST ( external link in 2023.
  3. CSIR-Senior Research Fellow in 2019 by CSIR, New Delhi
  4. Certificate of Academic Excellence award for the year 2010-2011 in Dept. of Geophysics, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

  1. Pham, L.T. and *Prasad, K.N.D., 2024. Gravity patterns and crustal architecture of the South-Central Indian Ridge at 22°-17° S: Evidence for the asymmetric ridge accretion. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 260, 105966 (1-24), IF-3.0.
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Doctoral Degree:

Title: Deep subsurface structures in central India from gravity, magnetic & geoid data and tectonic implications

Date of Award: 30-12-2022

Work one in CSIR-NGRI under the supervision of Dr. A.P. Singh (Forme

Ph.D (Geophysics)

  1. Nov-2022 to Present: Scientist at CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad.
  2. Apr-2019 to May-2022: CSIR-Senior Research Fellow at CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad.
  3. Nov-2013 to Nov-2018 : Project Assistant Level-III at CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad.