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Subhash Chandra

Senior Principal Scientist

R&D Group
Electrical Geophysics


Airborne Geophysics Groundwater

  Academic Identity

Dr. Subash Chandra did B.Sc.(Hons.) in Geology in 1997, M.Sc.(Tech.) in Exploration Geophysics in 2000 and Ph.D in 2006 from Banaras Hindu University, India. He joined CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI), Hyderabad, India in 2000. Presently, he is Senior Principal Scientist at the institute and also Associate Professor at the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR). Dr. Chandra received Boyscast postdoctoral fellowship from Department of Science and Technology, India and worked at Aarhus University, Denmark during 2010-11. His research interests are in the field of groundwater, airborne electromagnetics, aquifer mapping and parameterization, translation of geophysical results into hydrogeological model, etc.

Dr. Chandra has played a key role in establishing the pilot project on Aquifer Mapping (AQUIM) in collaboration with CGWB, MoWR and Aarhus University, Denmark. For the first time in India, a dual moment time-domain electromagnetic and magnetic heliborne surveys were carried out in 2013 and completed ~18,000 line km surveys successfully in eight different geological settings located in parts of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar and Tamil Nadu including smart city project in Surat Gujarat and paleochannel near Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. He led the team from front in managing, coordinating, data acquisition, processing and interpretation that has yielded successful result with high-resolution aquifer maps and established method for high-resolution aquifer mapping to be up scaled over entire India for developing aquifer based groundwater management. Currently he is leading airborne geophysics projects on paleochannel mapping sponsored by Ministry of Jal Shakti, Govt. of India and also for safe tunneling in hilly terrains to lay the rail lines.

The initiative of high-resolution aquifer mapping establishes a new paradigm in the field of Hydrogeophysics and opens up new vistas for groundwater exploration in the India. The Hon’ble President of India bestowed National Geosciences Award (2017) recognizing the significance of this work in the field of Groundwater Exploration through AEM survey. His work on heliborne geophysics for smart city helped Surat Municipality, Surat to bag FICCI award (First Prize) for adopting this innovative scientific approach towards water security.

Dr. Chandra has several research publications in peer reviewed National and International journals, chapters in books, Technical Reports, etc. A significant work emanating from the above mentioned investigations is the development of a robust and cost effective method to address the most challenging problem of mapping water saturated fractures in hard rock terrains using AEM. He also developed method viz., LCR recharge method to estimate natural recharge and hydraulic conductivity estimation in granitic hard rock terrain.

M.Sc.(Tech.), Ph.D