Full Name
Prasad P. S. R

Chief Scientist

R&D Group
Marine Seismics



  Academic Identity

Dr. P.S.R. Prasad received B.Sc and M.Sc degrees from the Osmania University and University of Hyderabad; and Ph.D from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Dr. Prasad is currently a Principal Scientist at National Geophysical Research Institute. Dr. Prasad’s research areas include mineral/ material behavior under extreme pressure & temperature conditions, fundamental properties of clathrate hydrates, Carbon capture & management, bio-mineralogy and non-linear optics. His expertise is on VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY and over the years he played a pivotal role in setting up a world class experimental facilities at NGRI. Dr Prasad and his co-workers have been working on Laboratory synthesis of Gas hydrate and under his leadership methane hydrates were synthesized in lab conditions for the first time in India. Since then he and his group is actively pursuing growth, structural stability and kinetics of methane hydrates. First demonstration of geological carbon sequestration experiments, in Picritic basalts from Deccan Volcanic Province, is another dimension of his research.