Dr. Satish Kumar K

Principal Scientist , Shallow Seismics

Dr. Satish Kumar K

Academic Identity


Mineral Exploration

Research Area

I completed my B.Sc (M.P.C) in distance education mode from Dr. D.R. Ambedkar Open University,. Later, I got selected in Andhra University common entrance test for post graduation. Thus I procured a seat in M.Sc (Marine Geophysics) at Andhra University. I completed Ph.D in Osmania University, Hyderabad. My research topic is "Study of Geophysical Signature for Delineation of Ore and ground water resources in diffrent geological and tectonic environments-A Few case stuides from Shield areas of India". The studies carried out by me were aimed at addressing the needs of the society as well as Industry. I was associated with the delineation of shear zones and fracture systems in hard rock areas which aid in locating potential ground water zones. I played a key role in the investigations carried out at Wailapalley water shed (Andhra Pradesh) in Granitic Terrain and Ghatia watershed (Madhya Pradesh) in Basalti Terrain. Both these areas were scarcity hit and our studies provided locations for Groundwater storage and artificial recharge. Towards the Industrial sector, I played my part in delineation of Chromite deposits in Baula mafic-ultramafic complex, Orissa deploying gravity and magnetic studies. In addition to this, I worked for locating of Iron-ore which led to delineation of two iron ore bands in Sandur Schist belt, Karnataka. To meet the energy demand, NGRI was entrusted with projects on coal exploration in Singareni (Andhra Pradesh) and Umrer basin (Maharashtra). I participated in both these projects which resulted in delineation of boundaries between different formations and structural features associated with coal formations. Last but not least, I was also associated with the Bedrock studies to locate ideal sites for the construction of underground storage tanks. My expertise in collection, processing and interpretation of gravity, magnetic, MASW, Seismic refraction and well logging data.