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Rama Mohan K

Senior Principal Scientist

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Environmental Geochemistry, Hydrogeology

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Dr. Rama Mohan Kurakalva received M.Sc., and Ph.D., degrees in Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry from Sri Venkateswara University (SVU) in Tirupati, India.  Dr. Kurakalva is currently working as a Senior Principal Scientist at CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute (CSIR-NGRI), Hyderabad, India and holds a Professor, the Faculty of Physical Sciences, Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) @CSIR-NGRI Campus. 

Dr. Kurakalva’s research areas include Environmental GeoChemistry with an emphasis on Environmental pollution assessment and remediation; Environmental fate, behavior, and effects of pollutants. 

He is an expert in studies on remedial technologies in particular on ISCO and Adsorption technologies for the reclamation of subsurface environmental media contaminated with various pollutants. This research involves consideration of the contaminants' physical and chemical properties as well as the biogeochemical process.

Dr. Kurakalva has engaged in various research projects sponsored by different government agencies namely DST, BRNS, and Pollution Control Boards. He had successfully completed International Bilateral Collaborative Research with Russia and Bulgaria which is sponsored by DST from the Indian side.

Dr. Kurakalva is in charge to cater the analysis of various environmental pollutants using GC-MS, ICP-OES, Ion Chromatography, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, TOC analyzer, etc. He is an expert in developing analytical methodologies for trace-level determination of pesticide residues and trace elements in different environmental samples.

Hydrogeological and Geophysical investigations in the SIPCOT Perundurai Industrial Area, Erode District, Tamil Nadu

  • Expert Member: Selection of Project Associates/Scientific positions in various government agencies and in CSIR-NGRI 2017 onwards
  • Member, Environmental Audit Committee, A.P Pollution Control Board, Govt of AP 06/2016
  • Visiting Fellow: Department of Chemistry, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, India 2014
  • Member: CFO Committee, A.P Pollution Control Board, Govt of Andhra Pradesh 04/13- 05/14
  • Visiting Fellow: Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati  2013
  • Who is Who in the World: Biography included by Marques Who’s Who®, USA 2009
  • Young Scientist: Department of Science & Technology, Government of India 2008
  • Visiting Research Fellow: Department of Education, Government of Taiwan 2006
  • Senior Research Fellow: Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, DSIR, India 2001


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*Corresponding Author

IF: Impact Factor (Clarivate Analytics, 2022)

K.Rama Mohan, A. Keshav Krishna (2018), Assessment of groundwater quality and identification of hydrogeochemical process in hard rock terrain, In Advances in Groundwater. Eds. V.Singh, S.Yadav and R. Yadava, Springer Publications, pp.&

Doctoral Students (INDIA)

1.Mr.S. Paolalsiam Vaiphei (2022) "Studies on hydrogeochemical process, assessment of groundwater quality and delineationof groundwater potential zones of Wanaparthy watershed, Telangana, India", under

Ph.D., (Environmental Chemistry); M.Sc., (Analytical Chemistry) )

• Life Member: Indian Society of Applied Geochemists, Hyderabad, India. August 2016. • Life Member: Indian Society of Geomatics, Ahmadabad, India.