Dr. Rahul Biswas

Scientist , Planetary Sciences

Dr. Rahul Biswas

rbiswas92@ngri.res.in, rbiswas32@gmail.com

Academic Identity


Seismology, Seismic Tomography, Attenuation and Anisotropy, Near Surface Studies

Research Area

Dr. Rahul Biswas received his Master’s degree in Applied Geophysics (2014) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and Ph.D. in Seismology (2020) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. After completing his Ph.D. in 2020, Dr. Biswas joined the Institute for Research in Astrophysics and Planetology (IRAP), Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France with Dr. Ludovic Margerin, where he worked on local earthquake to develop an inversion scheme to map spatial variations of attenuation from observed variations in seismic energy envelopes. Dr. Biswas joined NGRI in April 2021 as a scientist.