Dr. PavanKumar Gayatri

Senior Scientist , Computational Electromagnetics

Dr. PavanKumar Gayatri


Academic Identity


Geo Electromagnetism, Magnetotellurics

Research Area

Dr. Pavankumar has carried out research work in the field of seismotectonics of plate boundary and intraplate regions through crustal imaging by magnetotellurics (MT) and integration of results with other geophysical information and seismological data. He delineated the crustal structure of the Sikkim Himalaya, the Kachchh Seismic Zone (KSZ), the Delhi Seismic Zone (DSZ) and the Palghar Swarm activity region. Some salient results obtained by him are – Identification of lithospheric-scale fault associated with transverse tectonics for the Sikkim Himalaya; geophysical evidence for role of fluids in earthquake generation process in the KSZ; and identification of a crustal-scale conductor associated with the seismicity in the DSZ. His present research pursuits are focused towards understanding of the tectonics of the NW Himalaya and the foreland Ganga basin through crustal imaging and linking deep structure with surface processes.

In addition to seismotectonics, he has also carried out near-surface exploration for groundwater and geothermal energy by using time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) and Direct Current resistivity imaging techniques. His significant contributions include identification of freshwater aquifers in the Jaisalmer Basin and the Rann of Kachchh, and Geothermal exploration of some hotsprings in Gujarat. He also applied geophysical techniques for industrial applications related to HVDC power transmission.