Dr. Pankaj Kumar

Scientist , Shallow Seismics

Dr. Pankaj Kumar

pankajk@ngri.res.in; pankajbhu29@gmail.com

Academic Identity


Tectonics, Geodynamics, Plume-ridge interaction, Gravity, Magnetic, Seismic

Research Area

I am working in the shallow seismic division and working on the unconventional energy sources like Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and Shale gas on the Indian subcontinent. I am also associated with the CO2 sequestration pilot project of India. Currently, my research work is focussed on the subsurface imaging using seismic and well log datasets for the permanent carbon sequstration in different formations like coal and/or shale.

I also have a keen interest to understand the mantle plume's role in the evolution of the continental margins of India. My earlier work is mostly related to the research associated with the plume-ridge interaction, tectonics, geodynamics, and large igneous province, and to understand the crustal architecture and tectonic & geodynamic evolution of the continental margin of India. I have worked on the offshore extension of flood basalt (equivalent to Deccan Trap) in the Arabian Sea and estimated the total area of Deccan trap in the onshore as well as offshore.