Dr. Himangshu Paul

Scientist , Environmental Seismology

Dr. Himangshu Paul


Academic Identity


Seismology, Tectonics, understanding seismic signals pertaining to near-surface geohazards

Research Area

I have had the privilege of doing research in different topics within the domain of earthquake seismology. I have contributed in understanding the source characteristics and seismogenesis in a variety of tectonic settings like the Himalaya (Sikkim, Nepal, J&K) and intraplate regions like Kachchh, Palghar, etc. I have also worked towards obtaining seismological image of the crustal structure beneath Sikkim Himalaya, Kachchh, south peninsular India and Singhbhum craton. I have also analyzed whole mantle structure from global tomographic models to understand the probable cause of the enigmatic geoid low over the Indian Ocean. Presently, I am involved in analyzing and understanding seismic signals pertaining to near-surface geohazards like landslide and floods. I am interested in further understanding the seismogenesis and source characteristics of tectonic, rain- and/or reservoir-induced or anthropogenically-induced earthquakes along with understanding the dynamics of the source evolution in case of landslides and floods.