Full Name
Atulya Kumar Mohanty

Senior Scientist

R&D Group


Geohydrology, water quality, hydrogeochemistry, isotope hydrology, radioactivity

  Academic Identity

Dr. Atulya Kumar Mohanty received M. Sc degree from the Sambalpur University, M. Phil from the Utkal University and obtained Ph. D. from the Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur. Dr. Mohanty, done his postdoctoral research on environmental radioactivity from iThemba LABS, South Africa, during 2005 -2008. He has worked on environmental radioactivity and mineral chemistry of heavymineral sands such as monazites, zircon and ilmenites and also investigated about existence of high background radiation areas along the coast of Orissa. He gained significant experiences in Gamma Ray spectrometry analysis for the determination of radionuclides and its daughter products, proton induced X-ray emission (PIXE) and EDXRF techniques for the elemental analysis. Dr. Mohanty has done his post doctoral research at iThemba LABS, South Africa for three years and worked on environmental radioactivity of soil, water, and uranium mill tailings, and its geochemistry. He has carried out the project works on geohydrological and geochemical studies of uranium mill tailings zone and surrounding areas at Jaduguda, Singhbhum Shear Zones. The main focus of the work is to understand the geochemical reactions involved in the uranium contamination with groundwater, mass transport modeling and geochemical studies in the tailings zones. He is also involved in groundwater contamination studies in industrial development areas due to discharge of industrial wastes to the surrounding groundwater regime and its environmental impact assessment. Dr. Mohanty joined as a scientist at NGRI in October 2008.