This group was formed in the latter half of 2017 and hence there are no work components to be reported in the period 2015-2017.

The group will however be focusing on the following aspects.

  • Maps of active faults and tectonic landforms in the mountain front
  • Active Tectonic models of mountain front in NW Himalaya evolution during Late Quaternary
  • Terrain characterization and localized zones of erosions in upper Ganga catchment Geological maps of selected areas on Moon, Mars and Venus
  • New database on chronology of selected areas of Moon and Mars
  • Improved understanding of geological history of inner Planets and the Moon
  • Structural geological maps of North Singhbhum mobile belt and its boundary shear zones
  • Tectonic models of Northern Indian Shield
Name Designation
Dr. Anand Kumar Pandey Senior Principal Scientist
Dr. Senthil Kumar P Principal Scientist 
Dr. Sakram Gugulothu Scientist 
Dr. Nilesh Kumar Jaiswara Scientist 
Mr. Dinesh Kumar S Technical Officer


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