1.Research Council

    There shall be a Research Council (RC) comprising:
  • Five external experts, one of whom shall be designated as Chairman
  • Representative of concerned Scientific Departments/Agencies of Government ofIndia
  • Director of the Laboratory
  • Director/Sr. Scientist from a sister laboratory.

    Director General or his representative shall be permanent invitee.
    Members at (i), (ii) and (iv) including the Chairman shall be nominated by Director General. The Secretary of the Research Council shall be nominated by the Director. The Secretariat for Research Council shall be provided by the National Laboratory. The Chairman of RC shall preside the meeting. In the absence of the Chairman, members present shall elect a member to preside the meeting. The term of nominated members of Research Council shall be for a period of three years. The Research Council shall meet not less than two times a year
    Functions of Research Council, The Research Council shall:
  • Advise on the formulation of R&D programmes and future directions of activities of the laboratory keeping in view the Five Year Plans, national priorities and opportunity areas.
  • Suggest networking with other CSIR National Laboratories on programmes of mutual interest.
  • Review R&D activities and research programmes and advise on future directions.
  • Advise on fostering linkages between the Laboratory, industry and potential clients.
  • Constitute Selection Committees and Assessment Committees/Peer Groups for selection, merit and assessment promotions of Scientific staff.
  • Any other function as may be assigned by Director General/Governing Body.
  • The Proceedings of the Research Council shall be approved by its Chairman. In the absence of Chairman of RC, one of its members who presides the meeting as Chairman shall approve the Proceedings of the said meeting. The Director-General may amend any of the decisions of the Research Council which shall be binding.

2.Management Council

    There shall be a Management Council for National Laboratory for management of affairs of the Laboratory within the framework of Rules and Regulations, directions and guidelines issued by Society, Governing Body, Director General and the Director.
    The Management Council shall comprise:
  • Director of the National Laboratory – Chairman.
  • Four scientists of the Laboratory representing the staff of various age groups.
  • One representative of the technical personnel.
  • One Director level scientist from the same Laboratory or sister laboratory.
  • Head, Research Planning Business Development/Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of the National Laboratory.
  • Controller of Finance & Accounts/F&AO of the Lab.
  • Controller of Adminstration/Adminstrative Officer of the Laboratory as Member Secretary.
    Members at (ii) to (vi) to be nominated by Director-General, CSIR. The term of the nominated members shall be for a period of two years.
       All matters at the Management Council meeting shall be decided by the majority view.
       Each member including the Chairman shall have one vote.
       The Chairman of Management Council shall preside the meeting and in the event of temporary vacancy in the office of the Director or absence of Director on account of illness, leave, deputation abroad, etc., the Acting Director of the Laboratory shall be the Chairman of the Management Council. The Chairman of MC shall preside the meeting of the MC and also approve the Proceedings.
       The Management Council shall meet as and when required for effective management of the Lab./Instt. but not less than thrice in a financial year.
        Functions of Management Council:
  • To administer and manage the affairs and environs of the laboratory.
  • To write off irrecoverable monetary losses and Stores within the limits prescribe by CSIR.
  • To recommend the resource allocation for R&D activities/facilities of the Lab.
  • To monitor the progress of R&D and other activities of the Lab.
  • To recommend devolution of powers to the Project Leaders for the proper implementation of the projects/activities.
  • To approve contract R&D, consultancy projects and licensing of IPR beyond the powers of the Director.
  • To consider the annual report of the National Laboratory.
  • To constitute selection committees and assessment committees.
  • Any other matter, as may be referred by the Director General.
        The proceedings of the Management Council shall be approved by its Chairman. The Governing Body or Director General as its Principal executive Officer may review/amend any of the decisions of the Management Council, and pass such orders as considered necessary, which shall be binding on the Management Council

3.Performance Appraisal Board (PAB)

    For each National Laboratory, its performance shall be assessed at least once in every five years by a Performance Appraisal Board constituted by the DG, CSIR for the specific purpose. Members of a PAB shall be nominated by DG, CSIR and if necessary, DG, CSIR may co-opt any additional member(s).
    Constitution of Performance Appraisal Board (PAB), Performance Appraisal Board for each National Laboratory shall comprise:
  • Director General - Chairman.
  • Chairman of Research Council of the Laboratory - Member.
  • Three Directors of CSIR National Laboratories, at-least two from amongst the members of Advisory Board - Members.
  • Two out of other members of the Advisory Board - Members.
  • Three External experts specific to a Laboratory out of which one may be member of RC - Members.
  • Director of the National Laboratory as permanent invitee.
  • The Secretariat for the PAB shall be provided by the concerned Laboratory.
    The Functions of PAB:
  • Review and appraise the performance of the National Laboratory.
  • Advise the Advisory Board/Governing Body of the outcome of the review.
  • Suggest the remedial measures to improve the performance of the national laboratory.
  • Any other function as may be assigned by the Advisory Board/Governing Body.
    The proceedings of the PAB shall be approved by its Chairman. The approved Minutes shall be placed before Advisory Board and Governing Body.
    Internal Committees, Various Internal Committees as listed below, have been constituted by Director, CSIR-NGRI to look into specific aspects at CSIR-NGRI.
  • Canteen committee
  • NGRI Colony Welfare and Creche Committee
  • Compassionate Appointments Committee
  • Conveyance Advance Committee
  • Information, Annual Report and Newsletter Committee
  • Works & Engineering Services Committee
  • House Allotment Committee
  • Medical Facilities Committee
  • O.B. Committee
  • Safety & Security Committee
  • Staff Benevolent Fund Committee
  • Guest House Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Space Allotment Committee
  • Website Committee
  • Transport and Maintenance Committee
  • Information Technology Committee
  • Farewell Committee