The eight R&D Groups of CSIR-NGRI are the backbone of the Institute. Envisioned, nurtured and developed by pioneers who could visualize the needs and potentials of the future of research in the geosciences during the early stages of the Institute, the traditions of these disciplines were strengthened and modernized over the last five decades and more. The leadership in each area of geoscience has strived to find the balance between advancing the fundamental sciences and intensifying the applications to societal and economic and strategic purposes, which are the hallmarks of this Institution and makes it maintain its position at the forefront of Earth Sciences in the country. Large investments in state-of-art equipment and infrastructure as well as training of personnel provides the Institute the edge in measuring, analyzing and modeling the physico-chemical parameters operating within the Earth and enables in-depth understanding of Earth processes.

Each of the eight Groups are further divided into Activities, which focus on specific aspects of research with high end skill development and academic accomplishments. Summaries of the specializations, which characterize each Group and the Activities embedded within it, are described in these pages.