Particulars of organisation, functions and duties

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Organizational structure diagram of CSIR-NGRI


To carry out research in multidisciplinary areas of the highly complex structure and processes of the Earth system and its extensively interlinked subsystems.

Objective/Purpose :

CSIR-NGRI’s basic objectives have always relate in the fields of Exploration of Hydrocarbons/Coal, Mineral Exploration, Engineering Geophysics, Exploration, Assessment, Management of Groundwater Resources, Earthquake Hazard Assessment, Structure of the Earth’s Interior, History of its Evolution in Space & Time, Geoenvironmental Studies and Development of Geophysical Instruments. CSIR-NGRI regularly publishes in highly reputed national and international earth science journals. The number of publications in Scientific Citation Index (SCI) has shown a constant rise during the last decade.

Address of the main office CSIR(Council of Scientific & Industrial Research)-National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) Uppal Road, 
Hyderabad - 500007 (INDIA)
Website: external link
Morning Hours of the Office (0930 hrs - IST) Monday to Friday
Closing Hours of the Office (1800 hrs - IST) Monday to Friday